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Partnership: Collaborations with YouTube content creators. Video creators have their own promo codes to share with their viewers.

All YouTube content creators would receive the same type of discount, method, and conditions. The only difference between each code is the name of the promo code.

What's the promotion: Free Starter Kit and get $20 off first month with US Mobile


For free Starter Kit:
/cart code: <YouTube Channel Name>  
Provides a free Starter Kit to customer who uses the cart code.
For Activation:
/activate code: <YouTube Channel Name+ACT>
$20 off first month of service with US Mobile.

Promo Expiration: December 31, 2021


  • Max discount is $20 off first month
  • Customer cannot redeem the remainder of the credit if customer selects a plan that is less than $20
  • Must be a new line or new port-in
  • One per customer
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • US only

Current Active YouTuber Codes:

Starter Kit

























I forgot to apply promocode from YouTube channel while activation, what should I do?

If you recently joined - no worries, we can make it work. However, discount will work only from the next billing cycle and you should keep AutoPay On.

Please check that all promocode conditions are met (it's the first activation for subscriber using this promocode, other promocodes are not used on this line etc.) and Go to the sim link of the customer> scroll under promocode> apply the relevant promocode.
The customer has to keep the Autopay ON for the promocode to be applied on the next billing cycle.

Can I use promocode for activating more than one line on my account?

No, promocode discount is available for one activation per account.

Does promocode discount include taxes and fees of my plan?

Yes, taxes and service fees are included in the discount, if the total is less than or equal to $20 after taxes and service fees.

Can I use promocode on an existing US Mobile number?

The discount is available for new activations only.

Is promocode available for all US Mobile plans?

Yes, but only a maximum discount of $20 will be available. Customers cannot redeem the remainder of the credit if they select a plan that is less than $20.

Will promocode work for activation of both GSM LTE and Super LTE lines?

Yes, it's available on both networks.

Will I avail discount on starter kit using the activation promocode?

You can get starter kit for free. All you need to do is use cart code: <YouTube Channel Name>.

Promocode is giving me an error on activation. What should I do?

  1. Verify if the promo code that's being added doesn't have any typos.
  2. Check that customer is using promocode for the 1st time, because promocode can be used only for one line per subscriber.
  3. Check that promocode is not expired, if expired -> let customer know.
  4. Check that promocode is used for new activation.
  5. Advise customer to try clearing cache or using an incognito tab.
  6. Escalate to Operations.

What will happen to promocode discount if I decide to internally port my number?

Promocode can not be re-used after line was activated and promocode was applied.

Can I get a discount on multiple lines by activating lines in different months with the promocode?

No, one activation per account is allowed with the promocode, regardless of when you activate lines.

What will happen to promocode discount if I decide to avail US Mobile 14 day Risk Free Trial Policy?

If a plan of more than $20 is purchased, you can get the remainder amount refunded.

Can I use this promocode for US Mobile Add-ons(Hotspot) on my plan at the time of activation?

Yes, since that is also a part of the plan.

Will I get US Mobile Ludicrous data speed if I use promocode on activation?

Ludicrous speed is a part of the plan, it doesn't have any such relation with promo code. If you want it in the plan, you can have it. You'll get a discount of $20 on a total plan.

Will I be able to use 5G on my device if I activate line using the promocode?

Yes, if you device is compatible, we do offer 5G on both our networks.

Will I be able to use promocode for activation of US Mobile ESIM Plans?

No, you cannot use this promocode on eSIM plans.

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