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Internal Port = Transferring a phone number from GSM LTE to Super LTE or vice versa is similar to porting a number into US Mobile from another carrier, except in this case the customer is switching networks within the same company.

It can take less than 24-28 hours for Internal Port process

Here are the steps for doing this that you can share with customer:

  1. Verify that the phone is compatible with Super LTE if the customer is planning to transfer their number from GSM LTE to Super LTE. They can use the compatibility checker built into the networks page(not very accurate and should not be recommended to the customer), or we can ask them for their IMEI to check the compatibility ourselves by validating the IMEI from the Admin Portal.
  2. Ensure that the number is still in service.
  3. Since the underlying networks are different, any unused plans will be lost as part of the transfer, so recommend the customer for waiting till their billing cycle is almost up before submitting the transfer request.
  4. Follow Internal Port Protocol.
  5. When they are ready ask them to go to the activation page.
  6. After choosing the SIM card on which they want to transfer their line and entering the SIM card number, ask them to click on 'Transfer my number' and fill in all the required details.
  7. In the previous carrier box they can choose US Mobile (GSM Network) or US Mobile (LTE Network), this depends on which of our networks they were already.
  8. Ask them to continue with the rest of the activation steps.
  9. Once they have completed the activation process, they will be able to see the status of their port-in request. The line will also show up in their account.
  10. We'll email them when their port completes or if we need more information.
This article can be used to guide the customers about internal porting.

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