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Customer not receiving emails from US Mobile

Usually subscribers can find other emails, which they have received from us. They can adjust the unsubscribe preferences, which are available at the bottom of those Emails. If they can’t figure this out, PSS should take the following steps:

Option 1
  1. Send a test email from the Admin (Subscriber Profile -> Email->  Send an email).
  2. Ask the customer to look for an old email from US mobile, instruct them to go to the bottom of an Email to manage the unsubscribe preferences.
  3. Confirm that the connections and notifications both set to "No"
  4. Try to send an email again after these steps.
  5. If it still does not work, escalate it to Amna, Yahya, or Vishal.
  6. The team should go into Sendgrid to check and remove the customer from the suppressions list.
Option 2
  1. Ask the customer to change EMAIL ID on their account through their dashboard.
  2. Send an Email to the customer again.

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