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Always check the coverage at customer's present location, before following instructions for 'No Service' troubleshooting.
DO NOT SHARE these answers and coverage maps with customers, use these answers as guidance on how to answer customers' questions. We do not share coverage maps, because they show 5G UWB and roaming areas which we don’t have on our network.

PSS Questions

Question: Where can I check the coverage for Super LTE?


This is the map used by Verizon MVNOs:

This is the public map used by customers to check Verizon's coverage directly:

Note: MVNOs Coverage map should not be shared with customers

Locations where you see the Dark-red color, are the areas, where you get good coverage. Locations, where you see light-red/pink color, indicate that the customer is in a roaming coverage area. These are the areas, where our customers will not be able to use our service. This is because Super LTE cannot access Verizon’s domestic roaming partner network. Hence, our customers will not be able to use the service in those areas, even though Verizon customers would be able to. In such areas, customers would see the Extended symbol on their phone’s status bar.

Question: Where can I check the coverage for GSM LTE?


This is the map used by T-Mobile MVNOs:

This is the public map used by customers to check T-Mobile's coverage directly:

Answer: In the search box on these map links, write the complete addresses of the customer's location including the ZIP code to check the coverage on the exact location.

Question: What is the difference between 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Nationwide?

Answer: 5G Ultra Wideband has faster speeds compared to 5G Nationwide. The Verizon coverage map shows the presence of both on different locations on the map.

Question: Is the coverage weaker near the white no coverage areas or water?

Answer: Only white areas have no coverage. In case of partial or full coverage, carry on with troubleshooting.

Question: The customer says that at his location, T Mobile or Verizon services work fine, but on our coverage maps, there is no coverage shown, why is that?

Answer: T Mobile and Verizon, both offer domestic roaming, that is why the customers get service there with these carriers, but on our end they do not.

Question: I searched for a location on T Mobile coverage map, it does not show the bands table or the details of coverage strength, what to do?

Answer: Click on a point on map, near to this location to check for exact coverage, or use the complete street address to search for exact location.

Question: How to determine coverage and its strength by viewing the T Mobile map?

Answer: The table below shows how symbols on the T Mobile map are used to determine the coverage.

Question: Which bands coverage on T Mobile is needed for a device to work on GSM LTE?

Answer: The table below explains how to check for coverage of different bands on the T Mobile coverage map.

Question: Does US Mobile provide service in Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska?

Answer: The table below explains the coverage for both our SIMs in these areas.
Note: There is no Super LTE coverage in Puerto Rico. Calls cannot be made with Super LTE to Puerto Rico. Verizon treats Puerto Rican numbers like international numbers. The two area codes in Puerto Rico are 787 and 939. Super LTE numbers attempting to call numbers with that area code will not be able to make those calls
Note: Super LTE has LTE only coverage in some parts of Alaska, so a Super LTE customer in those parts of Alaska would need VoLTE to make/receive calls

Question: What is domestic roaming? Does US Mobile support domestic roaming?

There are some locations in the US where Verizon does not have coverage - think remote areas, mountains, countryside, etc. Instead of building towers there they formed partnerships with the hundreds of local carriers in those areas who have their own towers, and provide coverage there. That type of coverage is called Domestic Roaming. Unfortunately, that domestic roaming coverage has not been made available to US Mobile.

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