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How can a customer find their order history and the invoice for their order?

The entire order history is visible on the customer's account under the Billing and Settings menu. They can also download or print invoices from there.

The Billing and Settings page will not only display their order history but also let them manage their account settings (password, name, email, payment method and address)
If the customer reaches out and asks where they can view their order history, refer them to this article. If they specifically ask for the invoice of their order, refer them to this article.

How is the customer billed for calls and texts?

All incoming and outgoing calls and texts are considered billable (counted in the plan).

Calls to or from toll-free numbers (888 or 800 numbers) are also billed by the minute, the same as with any other number. This is because our billing here is actually counting of minutes used. We do not, however, charge any long distance fee.  
If the customer reaches and asks for an explanation of how they are billed for calls and texts, please refer them to this article.


How can a customer cancel a scheduled payment?

This only works if their new plan is still 'scheduled' i.e. the current billing cycle hasn't ended, so the plans they have bought are still queued. Here is how this would look like on Admin Portal:

When the customer cancels a scheduled plan from their end, there is no need to file a refund as the refund is automatically processed. The customers CANNOT cancel top-up orders themselves.

Refer the customer to this article when they want to cancel their scheduled payment. This usually happens when the customer changes their mind and wants to change their plan for the next billing cycle.

How can a customer pay their monthly bill if their AutoPay is off?

You can refer the customer to this article to share the instructions for paying their monthly bill.

Helpful canned responses: Changing Base Plan for next Billing Cycle (Auto Pay Off)

How can a customer update their payment information?

If the customer is willing to change their credit card information, refer them to this article. They can delete, add and make changes to the credit card information over here.

Please use Canned Response: Changing credit card information

What payment methods does US Mobile accept?

Refer the customer to this article if they ask about the payment methods that are acceptable.

Taxes and Fee

What taxes and fees do the customer have to pay with US Mobile?

If the customer reaches out for details on the breakdown of taxes and fees that they are going to pay with US Mobile, refer them to this article.

What is the Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee?

If the customer needs an explanation for the regulatory cost recovery fee, refer them to this article.

Helpful canned responses: Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee Intro - Chats

Fraud Alert Notification

What is fraud alert notification?

Fraud alert notification is when some specific Order/Payment is flagged as Fraud from the credit card provider/bank due to the card being stolen or some suspicious activity being reported at the consumer end. This is what the Order Page of a fraud payment looks like:

These fraud notifications usually turn into chargeback after some time. So it is very important to reach out to the customer and ask them the reason for it.

How do we proceed in such cases?
Helpful canned response: Fraud Alert Notification

Debbie notifies the PSS (finance team) who deals with the chargebacks, refund approvals, and duplicate orders about such fraud orders. Then the PSS reaches out to the customer and informs them about the Fraud Alert Notification received against specific Orders. They mention the orders that were flagged as Fraud and also let the customer know the reason that we are getting. Then we ask the customer to reach out to their bank and ask them for the reason. We also let them know that this will turn into chargeback overtime so we expect a prompt response.

Additionally, if there are several fraud alerts for one account, we also go ahead and hotline the line as well.

Now usually, customers come up with a reason that the card got stolen or the PIN got hacked, so in such cases, we ask the customer to reach out to their bank and get those fraud alerts resolved as the payment was processed anyhow. We also ask them to change their card on the account if the card was stolen to avoid any further charges.

Sometimes the customers don't even respond so we initiate the refunds for that particular orders and hotline their line. Now, if the customer reaches out afterward, we explain the whole scenario to them and inform them that the charges were refunded to avoid the hassle so now we need to manually charge you the amount refunded to restore your account. If the customer agrees to this, we manually charge them for the refunded amount and then cancel the plan purchased.

You can always reach out to Debbie if you come across such cases or you can even get in touch with Taha or Vishal who deals with such cases.

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