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Call Forwarding:

Use Canned Response: Call Forwarding Intro- Chats

Call forwarding is done, when a customer wants to reroute their calls to a different number. Call forwarding feature is only available for our Super LTE network, not for the GSM LTE network. There is no monthly fee for Call Forwarding if you’re already on a plan. 

How does Call Forwarding Work?

With this feature, the customer can forward incoming calls to another phone number, including his home or office. There are 2 options for forwarding calls:

- Forward all calls.

- Forward calls only when customer does not answer or is already on a call.

Note: When forwarding all calls from the mobile phone to another number, the mobile phone won’t ring until the customer turns off Call Forwarding. Furthermore, the GSM LTE network does not support call forwarding either way so the customer will not be able to forward calls from his Super LTE number to a GSM LTE one or vice versa.
Can I use Call Forwarding to an International number?

Unfortunately, we don't support call forwarding for international numbers.

How to turn on / off call forwarding: 

When a customer asks for instructions for call forwarding, first ensure if their line is Super LTE, and if it is, then refer him to this Guide.

Call Blocking:

Call blocking refers to the ability to block specific numbers from calling. We don't yet offer the service to block unwanted callers at a network level, but the customers still have other options. Some are better suited for blacklisting individual numbers, while others work best for identifying and blocking robocalls. 

Please refer customers to this Guide for more info on Call Blocking.

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