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Customers with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro need to have CDMAless enabled from features. Go to their SIM page > Features tab, and make sure that CDMALESS WHOLESALE FEATURE is subscribed. If it's in the unsubscribed, select "CDMALESS WHOLESALE FEATURE" along with "R20 TIER VZ FOOTPRINT ONLY" from unsubscribed list, and "R00 Data Tier - VZW Only" from subscribed list, and click on change button.

First you have to check the customer's account to establish whether they have an iPhone or Android.

On Super LTE, "No Service" issues are most often seen on iPhones right after SIM activation and insertion. The phone either hasn't yet received the OTA (over the air update), or is at No Service even after receiving it.

Case 0 ( Trivial Case ) :

  1. Check coverage.
  2. Check if customer followed this Guide.
    Check to see if there is an outage at the customer's location. Sudden loss of service with no change in the customer's location or phone has in the past been linked to Verizon network outages

Case 1 ( Instruct customer how to Update the APN )

  1. While connected to Wi-Fi, open Safari and navigate to
  2. Tap Create APN.
  3. Choose Country = United States.
  4. Choose Carrier = Verizon LTE.
  5. Tap Create APN again and confirm.
  6. The new profile would show up under Settings > General > Profiles. Tap on it and Install it.
  7. Turn OFF the device > Take out the Sim card > Wait for 60 seconds > Reinsert the sim card > Power ON the device.

Case 2 ( Check If the Phone has received an OTA )

Check the LTE Status code under Line inquiry, to see if the phone has received the OTA. Click on Details in front of MDN:

Phone activation on Super LTE is done via OTA (Over the Air Update). The LTE status code under Line Inquiry tells us the status of the OTA. The three LTE status codes are RS (OTA not received), CN (OTA received) and RF (OTA failed---this is pretty rare).

  1. If the OTA is received = CN and the connection still doesn’t work ->  ask customers turn off the phone for 60 seconds or have them remove the sim card for 15 seconds and then reinsert and restart.         
  2. If the OTA is not received = RS, check the documentation on how to do an OTA update and guide the customer.
  3. If the OTA failed = RF, escalate to a Team Lead.
In a case where the Customer has an International variant of iPhone 8 Plus and has an LTE Status code 'RS' even after multiple restarts, ask the customer to turn off Roaming including "International CDMA" feature.

Case 3 ( Reset Network Settings )

If manual APN configuration method fails, then we try the network settings reset option. There might be corruption/issue in APN configuration which can be cleared out through this option.

Option 1.

  1. Ask customer to insert GSM LTE Sim.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings.
    This will remove all the saved Wi-Fi passwords.
  3. Power off and Insert Super LTE SIM back.
    Sometimes resetting works even with Super LTE SIM. You may try to Reset Network Settings and then using unlockit to update the APN again in case the customer doesn't have a GSM LTE SIM card.

Option 2.

Another way to Reset Network Settings:

  1. Ask customer to Power off the device and Remove the sim card.
  2. Hotline line for customer in AP.
  3. Ask customer to wait 60 seconds.
  4. Restore line for customer in AP.
  5. Ask customer to reinsert the sim card and power on the device.

Case 4 (If it's an iPhone that had service before)

Sometimes an iPhone might lose service which previously had service and was working fine. In such case:

  1. Ask the customer if they used an international SIM in their iPhone recently. If yes, then that explains it. Using a non-US SIM in a Super LTE equipped iPhone will prevent the iPhone from regaining service immediately when the Super LTE SIM is re-inserted.
  2. If a spare Super LTE SIM is not available, then ask the customer to connect the phone to Wi-Fi, leave connected to a charger for a few hours and it should gain service on its own eventually.

Case 5 (Try SIM card in another device)

  1. Verify if the correct SIM card is inserted in the customer's phone and if it fits perfectly in the SIM tray.
  2. Have them remove the SIM, clean with soft cloth and make sure the SIM slot is clear of any debris.
  3. Before trying your SIM card in another device, step out of the house or go near a window to see if there is a difference in service and/or signal strength.
  4. If the problem persists, insert the SIM in any other Super LTE compatible unlocked device. In case of a dual sim phone, insert the sim in the other slot and check if it makes a difference. 
If the SIM works in the other phone, the issue is in the original device. However, if the problem persists in the other phone, the SIM needs to be replaced. If GSM LTE SIM works on customer's phone -> Super LTE SIM is faulty. Send a complimentary SIM to customer and we will perform SIM Swap.

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