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Please refer customer to this Guide.

Super LTE

The hotspot feature is enabled automatically on all custom data plans and the unlimited data + hotspot plans (purchased as add-on), but customers can report that they are unable to use hotspot despite having an eligible data plan.

If the customer is able to use cellular data, and hotspot feature is enabled, but they still receive an error message ‘Mobile number not found’ or Checking Subscription status…….Failed’it means that device is attempting to check for a hotspot subscription with Verizon and its being denied.
The ZTE Cymbal-C Z233 VL DOES NOT support native tethering/hotspot either through wifi or USB.


Please refer customer to this Guide.

Advanced troubleshooting (Android)

1. Check APN Type: Add DUN
  1. Go to Settings > Connections / Network & Internet > Mobile Networks / Cellular networks  > Access Point Names.
  2. Open the selected APN, open the APN Type field and write default,supl,mms,dun in it.
2. Use third-party widgets

Just activate your mobile hotspot with any third party widget.

Customer may get an error message upon activating it. Ask them NOT to press cancel. Instead, have them go to the notification bar and select the hotspot button.
3. Third Party hotspot application

Try third-party hotspot application from Google play store/ Apple Store

4. Verizon branded devices

Verizon branded devices and even certain unlocked devices like the Google Pixel series have this check built into the firmware.

An example of this case is in this Front thread. There is a way to get around this check, outlined here and here, which basically goes like this:

  1. Pull out the SIM card and unlock your phone.
  2. Go to the hotspot menu in settings.
  3. Insert SIM back in and wait for 4-8 seconds.
  4. Turn on the hotspot.
  5. If it does not work, please escalate to a TL (and refund for hotspot if the customer is frustrated).

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