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1. Data usage issues 

If Customer claims data usage is incorrect:

  1. Check if data has been consumed or or if plan has expired.
  2. Guide customers through the data usage information available on their respective device.
  3. Check if there is a rollover issue.
If rollover was not successful, check the usage and add complimentary data for the remaining data amount of the top up (which did not rollover), as a one time favor. Make sure to explain the customer about how the rollover works.

Slow data speeds 

It’s always useful to run a data speed test to ensure that it’s working:

  1. If data sign is worse than 4G LTE, check coverage and see if network settings can be changed to get them back to 4G LTE. For Android: Check Advanced troubleshooting section below.
  2. Check features (features tab on SIM page) to make sure data speed is not being throttled.
  3. If congestion issues (more load, poor data service), hotline the line for a few seconds and then restore.
  4. Make sure that the device is configured properly according to our network settings requirement.
  5. Make sure that the correct APNs are installed in the device.


  1. Check if customer followed this Guide. Make sure to discuss First Steps from this Guide with customer.
  2. Help customer to Manually configure the APN settings for iPhone
    1. While connected to Wi-Fi, open Safari and navigate to
    2. Tap Create APN
    3. Choose Country = United States
    4. Choose Carrier = Verizon LTE
    5. Tap Create APN again and confirm
    6. The new profile would show up under Settings > General > Profiles. Please tap on it and install the profile to be configured.

If manual APN configuration method fails, then try the network settings reset option since at that point the assumption is that the APN configuration has a corruption/issue for which the network settings reset is required.

Option 1.

  1. Ask customer to insert GSM LTE SIM card.
    Sometimes resetting network settings works even with Super LTE SIM. You may try to Reset Network Settings and then using unlockit to update the APN again.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings.
    This will remove all the saved Wi-Fi passwords.
  3. Power off the device and insert Super LTE SIM back.


  1. Check if customer followed this Guide.

Basic Troubleshooting

If customer is unable to complete APN configuration for any reason, then they may need to reset network settings:

Option 1.

  1. To ensure you clear out any cache related issues please insert the white GSM LTE sim card into the phone (White GSM LTE sim card can either be active or inactive - both options work)
  2. Go to Settings > Backup & reset / General Management > Reset > Reset network settings OR Settings > Connections / Network & Internet > tap on the three-dot icon at the top > Select Network settings reset > Reset settings
    Please note this will remove any saved Wi-Fi passwords too
  3. Once the reset network settings is complete, please turn off the phone and wait for 60 seconds
  4. Reinsert the black Super LTE sim card and power it back on. This would allow the OTA to reconfigure after which it should start working right away

Advanced Troubleshooting

If signals alternate between one and zero on 4G then its likely related to coverage -> First, Try enabling LTE only mode:

Option 1:

  1. ​Ask the customer to install “Force LTE" application from play store.
  2. Open the application on your phone and select the method under ForceLTE.
  3. After choosing a supported method, you will be redirected to the “Phone Info” page.
  4. Now scroll through the phone information to set the desired network type and select the LTE only option.

Option 2:

  1. Ask the customer to dial  *#*#4636#*#*.
  2. Go to Phone Information and then navigate to the Preferred Network Type. Make sure the customer selects the option which has both LTE/CDMA. If LTE/CDMA is not specifically present then they can choose LTE only.
  3. Once the preferred network type is set, make sure to turn on VoLTE provisioned (Which is right below Set Preferred Network Type).
If the hidden menu is inaccessible or the above doesn't work, suggest testing in another device. Certain phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon, have this known issue where the phone frequently gets stuck on 3G mode. Disabling the built-in Verizon system apps has helped occasionally, but this isn't a complete or guaranteed fix.
If the issue is related to coverage -> the best option is to check coverage on GSM LTE and suggest them to port internally.

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