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1. Call Failure or Poor Quality

Check if customer followed this Guide.

2. Calling going to Landline

Note: If the customer ports their landline number into US Mobile and reports that when someone calls the number, it still rings their landline.

Solution ->

Advise them that it's a normal behavior for landline ports due to the complexity inherent in switching a number from landline system to wireless. It clears out in a couple of days.

3. Calling- Out of credit message

Check this Guide.

Note: If reasons are not applicable and If the issue is only with calls

Solution ->

Ask customers about data sign they see -> If they see 3G only all the time, then turn on VoLTE from features (in some cases the phone setting may require a manual change).

4. Roaming zone: “Please dial the 10 digit number you're trying to reach, without pressing SEND” 

Check if customer followed this Guide.

5. Server Error - Essential Phone

The Essential Phone tends to ship with Enhanced 4G LTE Mode i.e VoLTE enabled by default. Without the corresponding feature enabled at our end, the device will fail to make or receive calls with the error ‘Server Error’

Solution ->

Either disable Enhanced 4G LTE in the phone’s settings, or enable VOT_HD_VOICE and have the customer restart.

6. Phone: Samsung J3 Luna Pro:

If the customer is using a Samsung J3 Luna Pro, then they'll need a little workaround to get around this problem

Solution ->

Ask the customer to insert the Super LTE SIM into another Verizon LTE phone, make a successful phone call > place SIM back in J3 Luna and it will continue working there. If this is not feasible, offer a free month of service, if they are willing to buy a new device.

7. Kyocera Cadence / LG Exalt LTE / KYO DURA XV

Solution ->

Please check in the features section if CDMALess feature is turned ON, if it is, please turn it off and ask the customer to restart the device and test

8. Activating Calling

Note: The customer may report an inability to receive calls for a short while after activation

Solution ->

The customer needs to complete a one time phone activation by dialing any number, then entering the last 4 digits of their phone number when asked. This will fully activate calling services. Without doing this, they might not be able to receive calls, and any attempts to make a call would play this prompt.


Outgoing calls, texts and data may work, but not incoming. They might even hear a message like "RingPlus (name of previous carrier) no longer has this number in service". This is expected behavior that follows Super LTE activations and resolves itself after a few restarts

9. Error "there are restrictions on the line"

If a Super LTE customer reports that he or she is unable to place calls and is getting the error that includes "there are restrictions on the line"

  1. Ensure the line has an active talk plan
  2. Ensure their data or texting is working
  3. Confirm the exact error message that comes when they dial out
  4. Confirm the sim card number
  5. Escalate to TL or ATL (Requires escalation to vzw wholesale live chat, resolution timeframe up to 72 hours for resolution)

Example chat session for reference:

10. Other Incoming/outgoing call issues

Solution ->

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