Add-Ons_Voicemail and Visual Voicemail: Issues

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Super LTE


How to set-up Voicemail
Make sure that all is set-up correctly on AP.
Android: The voicemail menu will not work properly or most options will be missing, if the customers have Visual Voicemail iPhone enabled. In this case, replace it with Universal Basic Voice Mail (UBVM), if the customer has an android device, does not have a data plan or does not use Visual Voicemail
How to access Voicemail
Make sure that all is set-up correctly on AP.
Voicemail Notifications will only show up if UBVM is enabled.

Red dot voicemail notification on iPhone

If the customer complains about a persistent 'red dot vm notification', please refer customer to this Guide.

Receiving voicemail notifications as text messages

With the message body containing references to visual voicemail, then it's because their phone doesn't support visual voicemail but their account still has the HD_VVM visual voicemail feature enabled -> turn HD_VVM off and enable UBVM -> ask customer to restart the device

Visual Voicemail

Make sure Visual Voicemail is enabled from enabled from AP Super LTE SIM.
Make sure Visual Voicemail is enabled from VCare for GSM LTE SIM.
Make sure to use the phone's default Visual Voicemail feature. A 3rd party app (like T-Mobile VVM) app is not guaranteed to work with our service.

Requirements for Visual Voicemail:
  1. Active Talk and Data plan are required for Visual Voicemail to work. Also make sure that the phone is connected to internet (WI-FI/Cellular Data).
  2. APNs must be configured on the device.

You can find the APN installation guides in the table below:

Super LTE SIM APNs for Android

GSM LTE SIM APNs for IOS and Android


  1. Device should support VVM (most phones that have VoLTE do).
  2. Basic Voicemail should be active for Visual Voicemail to work.
  3. Install the updates on the phone first if required (OS should be up to date).


Issue with voicemail notification. Customers do not receive voicemail notifications on their phones ->

  1. enable CDMALess and UBVM features.
  2. ask customer to dial *86 > press 4 for personal options and press 1 to enable/disable voicemail notifications.

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