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Ports Issues should be handled by Ports Team. Please escalate to Ports Team in case you have any concerns

Helpful Canned Responses and Response Types:

  • "GSM LTE / Super LTE Port Completion" (It is sent when the number is activated with us)
  • "Port On Hold - No Response" (It is sent when we are not receiving any response on the port request from the previous carrier) Please escalate to ports team and ask them to search for the response type from Syniverse.
  • "Unauthorized Port - First Response to User" (It is sent if the previous carrier has flagged the line as an unauthorized port)
  • "Port on Hold" - R Response Type (It is sent when either the Carrier Account Number, PIN/Password or ZIP Code is incorrect)
  • "Port in Response - Type C on Super LTE or IN PROGRESS on GSM LTE" (It is sent when the port in request has successfully gone through and we are waiting for the previous carrier to release the line from their end so that we can activate on our end)
  • "Port in Response - Type D" (It is sent when the previous carrier has not yet checked the port request on their end and have not responded to it)
  • "Port In Response - Type T" (It is sent when the previous carrier has placed a restriction on the number from being transferred to any other carrier)
  • "Port In Response - Type is N" (This means that the line has been activated and the email will be automatically sent out to the customer)
If there is no response type available then reach out to the ports team to confirm the status of the port in request. They can check the status from the Syniverse

Important points

Port-in of landline or VoIP phone number takes 5-7 business days.
Google Voice numbers are also treated as wireline (landline) ports and thus take at least 3 business days after getting the phone number unlocked for porting.
General instructions about Porting Information format for know carriers can be found here.
Verizon prepaid account numbers are preceded by a capital A, but the website only allows digits, so you’ll need to update the port request after submission by the customer.
Port-ins from Consumer Cellular always require the last 4 digits of Social Security Number. Obtain it from the customer, enter it in the PIN field, then call Consumer Cellular porting department at (888) 750-5519 to get the number released.
Ports from Simple Mobile always give ‘Incorrect ZIP Code’ error. Change it to Miami, FL 33178.
Internal ports from GSM to Super LTE typically complete within 20 minutes. Port Reminders 1st and 2nd reminders are after 24 hours and 3rd reminder is 48 hours after the 2nd reminder.

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