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Please refer to the following guides if the customer is facing any issues regarding an E-SIM:

Issues with having a physical and an ESIM SIM on iPhone

Poor Voice Quality

If when making a call - Super LTE falls back to 3g and the voice quality is bad ->

  1. Advise customer to check in the “Cellular” menu of Settings.
  2. Tap on “Cellular Data Options” under “Verizon”.
  3. Verify that “LTE, VoLTE On” is selected under “Voice & Data”. If not, advise to select it.

APN Settings

In case a customer is facing issues with downloading the APN profile of the E-SIM on their phone or if the customer complains not being able to be connected to a network even after reaching their destination (i.e region of the E-SIM):

Please refer the customer to this Guide:

Hotspot Issues:


There are no known hotspot issues with Android phones.


eSIM on iPhones can only use Hotspot when on profile 7 (Europe).

Following is the list of eSIM plans that do not support hotspot (profiles 2 and 10).

Complimentary – Carribean 1 – 5 GB

Complimentary – Central Asia 1 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Africa 1 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Carribean 1– 1 GB

Complimentary – Oceania 1 – 10 GB

Complimentary – Africa 2 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Europe 4 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Oceania 2 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Africa 3 – 1 GB

Complimentary – East Asia 1 – 10 GB

Complimentary – South America 1 – 5 GB

Complimentary – Central America – 1 GB

Complimentary – South East Asia 1 – 10 GB

Complimentary – South America 2 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Canada – 5 GB

Complimentary – South East Asia 2 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Middle East 1 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Mexico – 1 GB

Complimentary – South Asia 1 – 10 GB

Complimentary – Middle East 2 – 1 GB

Complimentary – Singapore – 10 GB

Complimentary – Israel – 10 GB

Complimentary – Dominican Republic – 10 GB

Some common eSIM errors and their solutions:

  1. Data plan cannot be added. This plan is no longer valid. Contact your network provider for more information.


Solution: This screen means that an unknown error occurred during the first code scan (possibly a low Internet signal could cause the issue) and re-scanning is not possible. In this case, please contact us and attach the screenshot with an error. We will send a new QR code shortly.

  1. Unable to complete data plan change. Your data plan could not be set up. Try again later.


Solution: During manual data entry, you have to pay attention to the fact that when copying an SM-DP + line from an email dedicated to the activation of a plan, the phone considers this line as a "link" and adds "http: \\" which leads to an error. Please make sure that the line SM-DP+ is added without any additional elements and try again.

  1. Data Plans from this Network Provider cannot be added. Your device can only use data plans from a different provider:


Solution:This error indicates that your cell-phone might be locked under another mobile operator and there is a chance that you cannot use our services.

Go to Settings - General - About - send us a screenshot so we can see the device model number.

You may also want to contact your original service provider or point of purchase to check if there is a possibility to unlock your phone.

  1. Mobile plan cannot be set up; eSIM installation is unsupported on your device.


Solution: If you see this message, then your phone is a dual phone with 2 physical SIM card slots and your device isn't compatible with eSIM technology. To confirm this, go to Settings - General - About and scroll to the bottom. If you see that you have 1 Primary IMEI and 1 Back IMEI your phone is a dual model. Another method, go to Settings - Mobile Data/Cellular - if you do not see the option "Add Data Plan", then your phone is a dual-model.


The easiest way is to simply pull out the SIM card slot and check if you can insert a second SIM card in the back.


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