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Phone Unlocking

We have discontinued phone unlocking services. 

Locked Phones

A locked phone has a software code on it that prevents it from being used on another network (our services do not work with locked phones).

In order to check if the device is unlocked, especially with Samsung devices, we can try these options:

If the customer is buying the phone, he'll have to ask the seller to find out.

Option 1

The easiest thing to do to check whether a phone is unlocked is by trying different network SIM cards in it. If the customer is unable to get any signal with a SIM on different network it's likely that the phone is locked. The customer might be able to see a message asking for a SIM unlock code or saying 'SIM not supported'.

Option 2

Dialing this code with some select Samsung devices shows you if it’s network locked or not: *#7465625#. Confirm if any of these three items show up on your screen:

  1. Network lock
  2. Subset  lock
  3. SP lock
  • If all three items are indicated as OFF, then the Samsung phone is network unlocked.
  • If Network lock says ON, then the Samsung device is network locked
  • If the Subset lock is ON, then the Samsung device has to be unlocked and requires a code from the original carrier or point of purchase. 
  • If SP lock is ON, then the Samsung device has to be unlocked and requires a code from the service provider. 
If nothing happens when you dial *#7465625# you can assume that the phone’s firmware does not allow the code, or its service menu has been disabled.

Option 3

Another step that can confirm whether the device was locked or not is: 

  1. Go to Settings > More/Connections > Mobile networks > Network Operators
  2. Turn OFF automatic search, let the device search for a network manually
  3. If it shows more than one available network, then the device is most likely unlocked
For iPhones, you can also check by going into Settings > General > About Phone, scroll down to look for 'Network Provider Lock', if the iPhone is locked, this field would show 'Carrier Locked' or 'Network Locked'. If the iPhone is unlocked, it would say 'No SIM Restrictions'.

Prepay Ineligible on Super LTE

Some devices cannot be activated on the network. The IMEI field gets highlighted in red upon attempting to activate with such an IMEI. It is possible to get these devices eligible for activation by contacting Verizon, provided the eligibility criteria is met. 

Be wary of terms such as Verizon LTE Prepaid, which would indicate the device is locked to Verizon’s prepaid service and must be used on their network for a period of at least 12 months before they will unlock it. Alternatively, they’ll unlock it after a customer spends $75 on Verizon prepaid service. This might show up in cases such as a customer trying to bring in a device they found on Amazon.

Reference case:

When searching such an IMEI on Verizon’s own BYOD page, it returns message “We're sorry but orders with no annual contract (prepaid) and contract plans cannot be combined in the same order. please click here to proceed with prepay site”

This would indicate the device is not technically ‘locked’ as in it won't accept anything other than a Verizon SIM card. This means the device cannot be activated on Verizon’s contract plans or Super LTE and would thus only work with Verizon’s prepaid service. 

However, it’s possible that customers with such devices can use GSM, as long as the normal GSM LTE compatibility requirements are met.

Subsidy Locked on Super LTE

  • Customers cannot directly activate subsidy locked devices, as the IMEI field on the activation page will turn red and return an invalid IMEI error. 
  • Some people may try to work around the system and activate with another IMEI and insert the Super LTE SIM into the device afterwards. 
    This will only work for a brief period before Verizon’s system catches on and the customer’s account gets hotlined and deactivated (read:suspended) automatically.

    Message asking for a SIM unlock code or 'SIM not supported'

Helpful Canned Responses:

"SIM Network Unlock PIN" for Super LTE

The customer might be able to see a message asking for a SIM unlock code or saying 'SIM not supported'. Use this canned response only when you have made all the checks. The error comes in mostly locked phone cases.

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