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  1. Please refer to this article.


  1. Please refer to this article.
  2. Dial ##004# (short code to deactivate call forwarding) on dial pad.
  3. Send a test message to ensure the issue exists for all.
  4. Ensure that call blocking is not active for that number.
  5. Ensure that the texting feature is not disabled from Vcare (consult any TL or OA for this).
  6. Add SMSC center number info:
    1. For Android: Go to Messages > Menu button > Settings > More Settings >Text messages > SMS Service Center. Make sure the number entered for SMS center is +12063130004.
    2. For iPhone: Dial +12063130004 and make a call on this number.
  7. Confirm if a customer is using third party texting applications (Verizon Messaging etc.) instead of default apps.
After you send a test message, check their consumption on the admin portal. If the text has been consumed, it normally means that they would have the correct SMSC and it's not from the network's end. In some cases, if the text does get consumed, you can still get the SMS SOC reset.
For these devices enable CDMAless in admin to fix texting issues: One Plus 5T, One Plus 6T, One Plus 7, One Plus 8, Light Phone 2, Razor phone 2, KYO DURA XV
Group Texting

Customers can turn group texts on/off in androids and iPhones by following the below instructions:


  • Main screen of your messaging app > Menu icon or Menu key (on the bottom of the phone) > Settings > Group Messaging (if Group Messaging isn't in this first menu it may be in the SMS or MMS menus) > enable MMS
If MMS is turned off and the customer tries to send a group text, the text might get sent to each individual rather than being sent to the group as a whole.


Only for older iOS versions:

  1. Go to Settings > Messages.
  2. Tap the MMS Messaging and Group Messaging toggle switches to turn them ON.

Group Texting requires data on a plan to work.

"Message blocking is active"

Usually the customer will come and complain that on their GSM LTE line they are getting an error while texting that "Message blocking is active". This usually means that "FULLSMS" is deactivated from the features. To resolve the issue, sign in on VCARE and search for the MDN. Once the details open up, go to features and just click on "Active" for "FULLSMS" and the issue will be resolved.

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