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If troubleshooting for GSM LTE SIM Card doesn't work, and even after APN settings are entered and verified, one or multiple things (Texts, Data or Calls) doesn't work. In that case, it's a good practice to go ahead with SOC reset.

Complete SOC reset

  • Copy MDN from SIM page or get it from the customer
  • Go to Vcare, enter the MDN, and search for it
  • Under quick links click on the last option titled "Features"
  • Change 3WY - FULLSMS - ISP - LTE to Deactive status
  • Wait for active option to appear again and make All Four Active
  • Click on "Cancel Device" on quick link and press Submit
  • Click on "sync to carrier" on quick link and click Submit, and have the customer Restart the phone.

Talk SOC reset

Follow the same steps above, but change ONLY 3WY to Deactive and then Active.

Text SOC reset

Follow the same steps above, but change ONLY FULLSMS to Deactive and then Active.

Internet SOC reset

Follow the same steps above, but change ONLY ISP and LTE to Deactive and then Active.

Voicemail SOC reset

It Is termed VM. Follow the same steps above, but for VM reset we will only deactivate VM from the feature.

Please be cautious while doing this as if you deactivate it, any existing voicemails will be lost and once reactivated the customer would need to set up the voicemail again. If the Voicemail is turned off, it would not work until the next time the line fully syncs with the network that can happen within a day or month, but we can't confirm the exact date. So please be careful and remember to sync the line once you deactivate VM.

Also, sometimes the customer doesn't want VM. So we tell them that we can deactivate it from our end, but whenever the line will sync with the network it will be automatically enabled. And we deactivate the VM from the features.

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