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  1. Check if customer updated the APN after SIM Activation using this guide.
    Customer may mention they are unable to save the APN's
    Solution: Add APN without MNC and MCC.
  2. Check if customer followed this Guide if still no service even after APN update.
    Nokia 3310 APN Settings are here.

MS Status Check and Tweaks

ALWAYS Check MS Status. You can check it on:

  1. Vcare by going to HLR Query on Vcare or,
  2. by clicking on Details in front of MDN on SIM Page (make sure to sync the SIM page every time before checking)

There are 4 types of MS_Status statuses:

  1. Purged: This means that the phone has been turned off for an extended period of time, as it was registering to the network. Or that, the device just hasn’t responded in a period of time, so the last documented data/location has been removed.
  2. Detached: This means that the mobile is switched off or is unreachable, is off the network.
    In case the status is Purged or Detached always 'cancel device', and then 'sync to carrier' from Vcare. Have the customer restart the phone. Check MS_Status again, and proceed with further troubleshooting accordingly.
  3. Idle: means the SIM card is being read by the device.
    In case status is Idle, and the phone is still not working, continue with the basic troubleshooting.
  4. Not Registered: If the status is “Not Registered” with no IMEI, it means the SIM was never registered on the network after activation.
    In case the status is Not Registered, and the IMEI is NOT present, customer may have inserted the SIM Card incorrectly/device might be locked/ he may not have coverage in the area.
    In case the status is Not Registered and the IMEI is present, move the customer to 2G/3G temporarily (This could be a partial service issue/call issue).

After the tweaks are made, ask the customer to turn off the device, take the SIM card out, put it back in and turn the device on. If the issue persists, proceed with troubleshooting process. 

Basic Troubleshooting

If a new customer reports no service:

  1. Get the address where he is currently using the service and check the coverage.
  2. Ask for the make and model to check compatibility of the phone.
    Check compatibility via Admin Portal: T-Mobile -> Device Query.
    You can also visit GSM Arena or will my phone work to check device compatibility according to its brand and model - Do NOT share these links with customers.
  3. Confirm if the phone is unlocked.
    In case the phone is not compatible or is locked, please ask the customer to try using the SIM card in any other GSM unlocked device.

If a new or existing customer reports no service:

  1. Whenever a customer with GSM LTE service experiences an issue for either talk/text/data, first check the line if the customer has a respective active plan. Do not forget to sync the line first.
  2. Get the address where they are currently using the service and check the coverage. Ask the customer if they are getting any signal bars. if they are, ask how many signal bars are they getting.
    Check on our website which of the two SIMs have better coverage in the customer’s area:
    Ask the customer for their zip code, go to, tap on “Where you are?”, enter the zip code and see which of the cards is recommended. 
    Check Coverage maps: Access the GSM coverage map here.
    Ask the customer’s complete address and zip code of the location they are attempting to use service in. Enter the information on the search bar. The map can show the level of coverage at each address, including the quality of service outdoors, inside car, indoors and in apartments:
    Other coverage map resources: CellmapperOpenSignal
    GSM LTE coverage is available in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, but not Alaska.
  3. Manually search for a network:

For iPhone

  • Go to Settings > Carrier > Disable ‘Automatic’.
  • Connect to Home, T-Mobile or US Mobile, whichever comes up.

For Android

  • Go to Settings > Connections / Network & Internet > Mobile Networks / Cellular Networks > (Preferred) Network Operators.
  • Disable Automatic selection > search manually.
  • Connect to Home, T-Mobile or US Mobile, whichever comes up.

Advanced Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure that the device is not on Airplane mode
  2. Try to perform network reset
    APN settings and Wi-Fi passwords will be erased. Refer customer to this guide to update the APN after the reset
    Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings.

    Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings


    Go to Settings > Connections / Network & Internet > tap on the three-dot icon at the top > Select Network settings reset > Reset settings
    If everything is set, and customer is still facing issues, follow this guide to Reset SOC settings. If you don't have the access, have it done by a TL or someone who has the access.
  3. Try SIM card in another device
    1. Check what SIM card is inserted in the customer's phone and that it is inserted properly in the phone.

    2. Have them remove the SIM, clean with soft cloth and make sure the SIM slot is clear of any debris.

    3. Before trying your SIM card in another device, step out of the house or go near a window to see if there is a difference in service and/or signal strength.

    4. If the problem persists, insert the SIM in any other GSM unlocked device. In case of a dual sim phone, insert the sim in the other slot and check if it makes a difference. Or ask them to try using Super LTE SIM on their device.
    If the SIM works in another phone, the issue is in the original device. However, if the problem persists in the other phone, the SIM needs to be replaced. If Super LTE SIM works on customer's phone -> GSM LTE SIM is faulty. Send a complimentary SIM to customer and ask them to reach out once they receive it to have MDN Swap done.
  4. If the customer still needs a solution, escalate the issue.

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