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1. First Steps

If a customer isn't able to use data, most likely either their data might have been fully consumed.

  1. Check if the customer has an active plan or not. Do not forget to sync the line first.
  2. Ask if they see an error message on their screen when they try to connect to data.
  3. Check if other services (Talk and Text) are working fine.
  4. Confirm which data connection logo (E, H, H+, 4G or LTE) is visible on the phone’s main screen.
  5. Ask since when are they facing the issue and if they changed their device or location recently:
    1. Get the make and model of the customer’s device and check compatibility.
    2. Get the address where he is located to check the coverage.

2. Guide

Check if customer followed this Guide. Make sure to discuss First Steps from this Guide with customer.

3. Advanced troubleshooting

PWG Data Provisioning Issue

Sometimes there are data plan provisioning issues when the customer adds a data top up or renews their plan with data. The data plan appears to be added but the customer faces the following issue:

  • None or a very slight amount of consumption.
  • LTE/4G symbol shows up but no connectivity.
  • An exclamation mark besides data connectivity symbol on phone screen.

To fix this:

Ask TLs to Perform Data tweaks from Telgoo which are as follows:

  • Extend data plan by 2-3 days, reset the ISP and LTE SOC from v-care followed by a device restart.

It might take some time for the data to start working after the plan extension, so request the customer to wait for some time and get back to us if the problem still persists.

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