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If a customer complains about their Caller ID appearing as somebody else's name on the recipient's phone, tell them we can change it to 'Wireless caller' and it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

On Super LTE network, We now offer the ability to set custom Caller IDs also.Custom caller IDs are not available on GSM LTE yet 

If they ask why the number already shows somebody's name, explain that the number was probably ported a long time ago, gone out of service, and eventually assigned to you.

Gather the following information and escalate to Team Leads or Senior team members to be forwarded to PWG for GSM LTE network and put the details in this sheet if the customer is on Super LTE network

  1. Originating number (customer's MDN)
  2. Terminating number (any number that when called displays the incorrect Caller ID)
    Please note that Caller ID subscription on that number should be enabled also and the originating number should not be saved as a contact in this phone
  3. Current Caller ID (Only for GSM LTE)

Super LTE Caller ID correction requests are put in this sheet

GSM LTE Caller ID should be escalated to Operations Team or Team Leads.

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