Add-Ons_Call Forwarding: Issues

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Scenario 1: Can’t forward a call

  1. Make sure that the numbers to which calls are being forwarded, have an active calling plan.
  2. If the phone number you want to forward your calls to is busy or rings with no answer, hang up and repeat the procedure. When you hear two beeps, wait for 5 seconds and hang up to activate Call Forwarding.
  3. Try calling the number that you are forwarding calls to to directly. There could be some issues (service or device) with that phone as well, so make sure to check that.

Scenario 2: Getting a busy signal after dialing *72 

  1. You may mistakenly have call forwarding set up from the line you’re calling from already. Dial *73 to clear call forwarding and then start over.
  2. You can also have the customer dial 1172 instead of *72.

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