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Customers can have issues with their US Mobile application and they may need help in navigating around.

Though the application is similar to the browser dashboard, there might be a few changes.

The US Mobile application (IOS/Android) may depend on specific updates (If any). Always recommend the customer to have the updated version of the application.

The App dashboard can be broken down into multiple segments, with respect to customer queries. All these segments are present on the right-hand side of the App dashboard.

When a customer is unable to see their lines

It's either that some of their lines are still porting or have expired. if their lines have already expired, you can extend the expiration date from Admin Portal by a couple of days, so they can see their line and get a new base plan.

Add a new line

When customers want to add a new line, they will require step-by-step instructions, like from where to begin. you can guide them accordingly using the canned responses on Front, for both, activating a new number or transferring your number.

When a customer is unable to add a new line

While activating a new line, customers may face errors. Confirm the error first and then guide them with the relevant solution.

Add an international line (data only)

Customers are confused mostly when adding an eSim line. When they click on 'Get Started' on the international roaming page, it takes them to the dashboard.

Therefore you need to guide the customers about how to add an eSim line by clicking on, 'Add an international line'. And then 'Add an eSim line.

You can use the canned response "eSim Activation Instructions" for further guidance or use this link.

Customers cannot see the complimentary plan, what to do?

Customers often confuse their complimentary roaming data with their regular plan. You need to confirm their regular plan first, and then guide them accordingly by referring to  Add-Ons_eSIMs: Complimentary Data Amounts.

The complimentary roaming data depends on:

  1. Customer's regular plan (Unlimited All or Bundle).
  2. Destination country/region

If a customer wants to know where they can see their usage analytics, you can ask them to check under 'Analytics' on the left sidebar. Make sure to explain to them how analytics work, since customers might want to see their exact usage. Our usage analytics show, a graphical depiction of all active lines on the dashboard.

When a customer is unable to see their analytics

Users can often complain, that they can't see analytics for a particular line. This can be an issue, in case their line is expired or has had no active usage on the specified dates.

Customers can only see real-time analytics for an Active (In-use) line.

If customers want to make any personal data change, for instance, name, email, or credit card information. You can refer them to the 'Settings' section and guide them alongside.


When customers are on chat, they (obviously) have the chat window, but you can guide them about the help section, which basically opens up to chat.

Refer a friend

Customers can ask about, where they can find their referral code, which is under the, 'Refer a friend' section at the bottom.

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