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Please refer to the following guide if a customer faces SIM Activation Failure. It refers to the multiple reasons why a customer might be facing this issue.

You can always check or refer customers to this Guide.

IMEI or ZIP Code errors

IMEI not being accepted
If the IMEI comes up red on the activation page, check the IMEI on the Admin Device Validator tool. Make sure that the IMEI being used is 15 digits and the customer is entering it correctly. Some phones give the 14 Digit MEID on *#06# so have them check Settings > General > About in the case of iPhones, for the 15 digits IMEI.
IMEI is already registered with another active Super LTE line
If the IMEI is 15 digits and being input correctly, and comes up certified when validated, is neither prepay/subsidy locked nor discount_2_access, but still comes up red during activation, then it’s possible that this IMEI is already attached to an active Super LTE. Check the subscriber’s account or ask accordingly. The customer may receive an error message to this effect as well. You can remove this error by using a dummy IMEI.
Zip Code Issue during billing
The customer may run into this error at SIM order or activation (with a new account). When entering their billing address, the system will highlight the zip code in red and throw up an error that the zip code does not match the state.

In reality, the zip code actually will belong to the state, but the system won’t recognize it for some reason. The Workaround is to use any accepted zip/state combo then change after account creation. You can also ask the customer to enter the ZIP Code of the nearest big city and that will most likely solve the issue.

New Activation Failures

If the SIM card doesn’t activate but the customer ends up being charged anyway, then the customer typically sees an error message, on top of the screen, highlighted in red, in place of the Activation Successful screen. The activation failure can typically be attributed to one of the following:

E2231-Pending transaction exists for the requested ESN/MEID ERROR: Indicates the IMEI is attached to a port request that hasn't completed yet. Bit of a niche case, but can be seen when a customer submits a port request, then tries to submit another port request or activate a new number on another SIM with the same IMEI.

E1094-Device is active on another line: This message indicates the customer’s device is currently linked to another line with another Verizon MVNO or even a hotlined US Mobile Super LTE line.

  • I recommend you provide the customer a dummy IMEI to get around this.
  • The easiest way is to just change the last 2-4 digits of the IMEI to something else and then check if the device is valid on the specific network. Once that is done, have the customer use that IMEI for another activation attempt.
Be sure to validate the IMEI in admin before passing it on to the customer.
  • The SIM will activate with the device ID we gave him and that device will show on the customer’s line, but once the SIM is inserted in their own (certified) phone, the device whose IMEI we made up will get freed up and the SIM page will display the customer’s own phone as being attached to his line. So adopting this approach does not pose any risk of inconveniencing the person whose device ID we guessed.

Unknown error, please try again or contact us: Generally happens when a SIM that had been activated earlier or had a port request canceled on it is re-used for a new activation or a new port request.

  • Has been known to occur with ‘cleaned’ SIM cards.
  • This can only be fixed by team lead, OA or ports team by editing the old port request so that it no longer gets in the way. 

E2239-TX Exception tx[rgmn] Command[enter]. [#text: JGate IO Error, tran ID [EI10], program name [ETNOC01]] ERROR. It can be resolved by re-attempting activation and changing the zip code to the nearest big city.

Activation failed, please contact us for help and provide this error: 'E2239-RGMN:POSN : NO NPA/NXX FOUND FOR INPUT ERROR'

No activation footprint. Will need to try again with a zip code of the nearest big city.

E1096-Device not eligible for ResellerAddSubscriber ERROR

Escalate to TL, OA or Senior Team Member for manual activation with dummy IMEI.

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