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Port Ins Basic Guide

When a customer succesfully submits a port in request via our activation flow, the request gets sent to the old carrier and shows up on our Admin Portal under Subscribers > Port Requests.

The port requests appear in a list as shown below

To see the port request click on the "View" option at the end of the row.

The Super LTE Port Requests have ICCID starting with 8914 and GSM LTE Port Requests have ICCID starting with 8901

Clicking on the ICCID will only open the SIM page which may take you to the incorrect Port request

Super LTE

The port requests for Super LTE appear as follows

  • Querying the port request shows the most upto date Provider Response Type if the Status of the request is "Submitted".
  • Each Provider Response Type Gives a different Indication, the most commonly seen response types are C, R and D.

-Response Type C indicates that the information on the port request is correct

-Response Type D means that there is a delay in the response from the previous carrier

-Response Type R indicates that the information on the port request is incorrect

Other Response Types are documented along with their resolutions here. The Canned Responses for each response is documented here.

If the status of the request is on hold, resubmit the port request to see the error which caused the request to go on hold

This is how a request that is On Hold looks. Clicking Re-submit here, then at the bottom of the page will show the error.

Errors are exhibited at the top of the Port Request as shown below

All seen errors and their resolutions are listed in this document.

Some errors require the customer to take action for which we have canned responses in this document.


GSM LTE Port Ins appear as shown below

GSM LTE Requests go "On Hold" if the information is incorrect or even if there is any mismatch or issue in the port request. No need to Re-submit these requests, just query to see the error.

The error is shown in the green bar at the top. In this case it is that the Password / PIN is incorrect.

The canned responses for errors on GSM LTE are listed in the same document as shared previously for Super LTE.

  • Most errors require customer action.

If the customer is adamant that the changes have been made, simply Modify the port request without changing any information and querying a few times.

Check if the response changes from what was previously on the port request.

If the response goes to "In Progress", the request has now gone through and is waiting for response from the previous carrier.

In most cases it goes to "Completed" after this and the "activate" option shows up. If not, we can tell the customer the error we see now and advise accordingly.

The activate option appears as follows

When sending out notification emails, or replying to customers. Snooze accordingly.

1st re-notification: Send and snooze for 1 day

2nd re-notification: Send and snooze for 2 days

3rd re-notification: Send and snooze for 4 days

Final re-notification: Send and snooze for 3 days

This is only to be applied for cases where the customer is not responding to our emails . If the customer responds at any point, then the timeline will be re-set to the start

So, if the customer responds after the 2nd re-notification, the next email we send them will be treated as an initial email we send customers after initially querying the port request and then keep the process up going ahead.

As soon as you get a port in request with response type C or In_Progress, notify the customer of the response and keep the port request tab open . Keep querying the port request for 25-30 min . If the port request does not activate in that time, escalate to the relevant porting partner, VZW or PWG, as the situation demands

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