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Porting Out Basic Guide

When a customer requests their line to be ported out, they’ve submitted a request to Port in to  some other carrier. We can see these port requests via Admin Portal.

We manually release the lines on Super LTE SIMs. Port outs from GSM LTE SIMs are released automatically when the correct Account Number and PIN are updated on the request.

Primary things to check when you receive a Port Out request are the customer’s Account Number and PIN. All other sets of information are not relevant.

  • To begin with, go to the ‘Subscriber’ option on the toolbar, and select ‘Port Out Requests’ from the dropdown menu.

  • Search for the number to be released using the MDN or ICCID

When looking up port out requests in bulk, set up the status filter to "Received" as shown below.

  • Open the request by clicking on ‘View’. 

Super LTE Port Outs

  • The port requests which mention the "Request No" and where the provider is listed as Verizon, are the port requests for Super LTE SIMs. Click on the "View" option to open their port out request page.

Make sure that there are no Subscriber Flags / Sim Flags on the line before releasing / responding to the request. If there are any flags, please go to the respective page and check the comments to confirm if it's okay to release the line.

  • The Account Number and PIN listed under Subscriber Information is the correct account number and pin that we have in our database. Compare that with the Account Number and PIN on the left in the details on the port out request.

The account number and pin must be confirmed as seen in the screenshots.

  • There are four types of cases. Either the information is correct and checks out, both Account number and PIN are incorrect, only Account number is incorrect or only PIN is incorrect.

1) Correct Account number and PIN 

If the information checks out, select ‘Confirm’ as the Response type, and click on Update.

Once the page refreshes, verify it from the history below on the page. This is how it’s going to show:

If the history doesn't show that the request has been confirmed, refresh the page and check again. If still no update, confirm the request again.

Once the request is confirmed and verified, click on ‘Complete’ on the top right corner as shown below. This  ‘Releases’ the line from our end.

Once the line is released, make sure to check any Port Requests for an Internal Port In. If there  is a request, make sure to ‘Activate’ the number and notify the customer on email.

2) Incorrect Account number and PIN 

If both, the Account number and PIN are incorrect, select Response Type as  ‘RESOLUTION_REQUIRED’, select Reason Code as ‘Customer Information Does Not Match’, and  in remarks, type ‘Account Number and PIN required or incorrect’. Then click on ‘Update’.

3) Incorrect Account number only 

In case only the Account number is incorrect, select Response Type as ‘RESOLUTION_REQUIRED’, Reason Code as ‘Account Number required or incorrect’ and type  Remarks ‘Account Number required or incorrect’.

Then click on ‘Update’.

4) Only PIN is incorrect 

In case that only PIN is incorrect, select Response Type as ‘RESOLUTION_REQUIRED’, Reason  Code as ‘Password/PIN required or incorrect’ and type Remarks ‘Password/PIN required or incorrect’. Then click on ‘Update’.

GSM LTE Port Outs

On GSM LTE the line is released automatically. We can still see the information they submitted and advise them accordingly. Their PIN is the last 4 digits of their ICCID and the account number can be checked from Vcare and confirmed here.

Currently, if the GSM LTE Port Out only has the correct PIN the line will be released by the system. Be ware that even if the Account Number is incorrect the line still gets released.
If any of the info on the Port Out request is incorrect, the message the gaining carrier sees is that the account number is incorrect even though the PIN is most likely also incorrect.
As a general rule of thumb, always ensure that any customer porting out from GSM LTE has the correct Account Number and PIN updated with the previous carrier.

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