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Manual port ins

  • If there is false activation error
  • If the request is not properly submitted and there are issues in resubmitting it
  • If we need to submit a completely new request with a fresh plan from our end

False activation

Recently, some cases have been coming up where a false activation shows up on our system. This means that the activate button is present but the line shows an error upon activation.


On GSM LTE, we can sync the line and then try using the activate button on the request page again. This should help push activation through for most cases

If not resolved, look up the MDN (Line number) on Telgoo (Via Anydesk). If the number shows up as an active line on Telgoo, use the order retry link to kick in the activation plan.

We can see the appropriate plan with status "new" in the Order History as shown below.

The status of this order should be "New" not fulfilled in order to kick the plan in from our end using the retry link

Click on details to get to the order page and copy the order ID as highlighted below.

The order retry link is:

Paste the Id right after the link as shown below

Paste this link into the URL space and press enter as shown below

The page should load for a while and then the SIM page will show up, status will be active and the activation date will show up. Plan status will now show as fulfilled in the order history. The line should be active and good to go!

This only works if the MDN shows up on Telgoo as active on the GSM LTE network. Do NOT us the order retry link if the line doesn't show up on Telgoo.

If no records are found on Telgoo or if the issue is still not resolved after the above steps, escalate to PWG so they may resubmit the request from their end or notify us accordingly.

Super LTE

On Super LTE these cases can be investigated and a new request can be submitted from admin portal.

  1. Make sure that no port request for the mobile number exists.

We can do this by confirming with Verizon via escalation (as seen above) or checking on Syniverse.

If there is a port in request on syniverse matching the dates as the request on admin portal, share the PON with Verizon and confirm if that port request is valid/active. They may have to fix the issue from their end.

Make sure that the order status for the plan is still new and not fulfilled.

If there is no request on syniverse, we can go to their subscriber page and select the “Port in Super LTE SIM” option. 

Be sure to have the Port request, SIM page, Order page, Subscriber page and Port in Super LTE SIM page all open in different tabs. to easily navigate through the pages, update the information and make appropriate changes.

  1. You can now start filling out the required fields.

You must copy the alphanumeric order ID from the order details. Eg (6039084033e4f10001bf9613). 

Next, validate the IMEI and change the last few digits.

Note down the IMEI, account info and previous carrier before updating ICCID with zeros. We do this as overriding the ICCID with 000 later causes the IMEI and at times the carrier info to get removed.

Input all the information from the most recent port request.

Remove SIM from subscriber page, Change status to new.

  1. Ensure that the ICCIDs on all previous port requests have been updated with 000 or 0000 at the end even if the requests are cancelled. Varying amount of 0’s must be added in case of multiple requests or else “error updating ESN appears”.

  1. Click on “Port in”.  A new request would be submitted now. You can refresh the SIM page and it should show “porting” as the status.
Query the port request to see the response and notify the customer accordingly.

Check on Syniverse to see if a new PON is generated to confirm that the request has gone through. Mention it in the comments on the port request page.

Manual Submissions

In cases where a customer is unable to submit a port request, or a VIP customer provides us the information we can submit a manual request.

Complete all verification before the request is submitted.

Be sure to ask the customer what plan they would like and verify what Credit card they need us to charge.

  1. Once confirmed, select the "Activate and create plan" option from the subscriber page.

  1. Fill out the information as needed and continue to submit the port request.

Notify the customer according to the response on the port request page.

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