What is the Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee?

The Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge is a charge associated with the payment of government-imposed fees and to recover the costs of compliance with government-imposed regulatory requirements. This charge is subject to change from time to time as the cost of compliance change and is an addition to the monthly service costs.

The components of the Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge include, but are not limited to: Federal Regulatory Fee, Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), Wireless Number Portability and Number Pooling, Enhanced 911 (E911), Wireless Tower Mandates Costs, State Area Code Relief Costs, Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Notification Costs, Network Outage Reporting Costs, State Commission Annual Reporting Costs (Applies only in IN, KY, LA, NM, OH, SD, VA, VT, WI, WV WY), Gross Receipts Surcharge (Missouri Only), and Puerto Rico Regulatory Fee (Puerto Rico Only).

By charging this fee, US Mobile is able to recover a portion of the government-mandated taxes, fees and surcharges for which we are responsible, without affecting the quality of our service.

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