How does the referral bonus work?

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What is the referral bonus?

When you refer someone to US Mobile, and they activate a line using your emailed code, we will send you $$ straight to your inbox, and both of you will be entered into our exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Max raffle. In addition, your referee will also receive 50% off their first month up to $10.

Who is eligible for the referral bonus?

Any user who has received the April 2022 referral email. Please let us know if you’d like to be selected for this referral program. 

How will I get the referral bonus?

We will send your cash bonus directly to your email inbox, where you can then spend it anywhere you would like!

When will I receive the referral bonus?

You will receive the referral bonus for each active referee 60 days after their plan purchase date.

Is there a limit to how many times I may take advantage of this referral bonus?

The referral cash bonus is limited to 5 referees in a calendar year. However, there is no limit to entries in our monthly iPhone 13 Pro Max raffle! 

What happens after I have five active referrals?

When you refer more than 5 people, each referral over 5 will count as an additional entry in our monthly iPhone 13 Pro Max Raffle. More entries increases your odds of winning!

How long will the referral bonus be available?

To be eligible for this bonus your referrers must activate new lines or port in an existing number before the end of May 31, 2022. 

How does the raffle work?

Every person you refer to US Mobile who activates a new line using your unique Referral code will earn you (and them) an entry into our monthly raffle for 5 iPhone 13 Pro Max’s. At the end of each month, five winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email. 

Can I combine this promotion with other offers?

This offer cannot be combined with other offers.

Can I choose where to spend my referral bonus?

Your referral bonus is cash! You can use it at any merchant that accepts Visa prepaid cards.

I referred my friends, but they didn’t use my referral code. Can I still get the referral bonus? 

No, make sure to provide your friend with your personal referral code to be used at checkout. Failure to use the code will void your referral.

Do I still get the $10 referral credit towards my plan, in addition to the referral bonus?

For a limited time only we are offering you cash instead of a discount so you can choose to spend it however you like! You cannot receive both the referral credit and cash incentive.

What happens if my friends don’t renew their plans?

Once your friend purchases a plan, they must be an active customer for 60 days without any gaps in service before you receive your referral bonus. If your friend chooses not to renew their plan, you are not eligible for their referral bonus.

What happens if one of my friends activates their line after the promo end date?

The promotion is only available until May 31st, 2022. Any activations after the end date will not be eligible for the stated bonus.

Does the referral bonus expire?

Once you receive your referral bonus, you will have 90 days to redeem it before it expires.

What are the Referral Code Terms and Conditions?

We reserve the right to modify, cancel and limit any promotion or offer.

Referral codes cannot be applied to previously placed orders.

To apply a promo code, you must enter it prior to completing the order.

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