US Mobile's iOS & Android Apps

  • Android

What you can do with the app: Practically, anything you do in your US Mobile dashboard can be done in the US Mobile apps. You can also see a list of upcoming updates we are adding that will make your US Mobile experience even better.

You Can:

  • Activate new lines
  • Add plans
  • Create family plans and pool plans
  • Set up Autopay
  • Top Up if you need more talk, text, or data.
  • Check your port status
  • Track your line usage
  • Order Starter Kits

Manage your account:

  1. Create your account
  2. Add/edit Payment info
  3. Edit addresses
  4. See and print your order history (Top Ups and Plans)
  5. Refer your friends & family to get $10 Off for both
  6. Chat with customer support 24/7
  7. Update your profile
  8. Customize avatar for your lines
  • Name your lines
  • eSIM enabled international roaming with a few taps
  • Autopilot AI will help you find the best plan
  • Daily usage tracker to help you understand your habits

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to contact us via call  (​1-878-205-0088), email (​, or via chat. 

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